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    Run, Lola run
    Run, Lola run Name: Institution: Explain how the prescribed text and one related text of your own choosing challenge’s the audience thinking Prescribed text, such as visual text, challenges the audience’s thinking in a variety of ways. In the visual text, “Run, Lola run” the audience is exposed to a series of images that project one to think along certain lines only to be surprised by the turn of events. Moreover, the film presents the dilemma that both Lola and Manni are faced with and the multiple alternatives they can employ to deal with the problem. Manni, who is Lola’s boyfriend, blames Lola for the misgiving that is happening to him as she had failed to show up at the meeting point they had agreed upon. Thus, Manni loses the money the money in the train and must raise it in 20 minutes or else the mobster that he works for killing him. An analysis of the film shows that visual texts have an influence on the audience’s thinking in a variety of ways. One way in which the prescribed text, as is presented in the film, influences the audience’s thinking is through challenging the audience to identify the cause of the problem and the dilemma or rather problem at hand. Any visual text presents multiple causes that can be attributed to a problem. In the case of the film, Run, Lola run, it showcases a series of perspectives through which the audience is challenged to identify the cause of the loss of the money. There are three different causes through which the audience can claim le to the loss of the money. For instance, the audience can go with the argument that Manni should not have associated with mobsters as that line of work is dangerous considering that is regularly exposed to dangerous and illegal trades that could land them in problems. One such scenario is the loss of the money and Manni knows that his life is in danger if he does not deliver the money to the mobster. Another case scenario that can be blamed for the loss of the money is the failure by Lola to show up at the meeting point thus exposing Manni to unexpected events that led to the loss of the money. Thirdly, the loss of the money can be attributed to the fact that Manni was careless in handling the money as he lost it very easily considering that he knew who the money belonged to. He decides to use Lola as a scapegoat instead of dealing with his problems. These three causes can be attributed as the foundation of the dilemma that Lola finds herself in apart from other causes that an audience might develop. All in all, these images that are presented in the fil challenge the viewers to try and come up with the cause of the problem. Trapped in a motel due to the rainstorm, the film Identity tasks the audience to come up with the cause of the storm or why they were trapped in the motel. Thus, the film Identity is an example of a film that covers the same spectrum as Run, Lola Run. On a different note, the film also challenges the audience thinking by trying to identify the solution to the problem that both Lola and Manni are facing. One might be challenged to think that the best way to deal with the challenge would be to let Manni deal with his problems and rob the grocery store. The Crash refers to a film based on a racial kind of experience in Los Angeles. This brought about tension owing to the differences among the existing communities. As a result, it differed greatly from Run Lola Run in terms of the way it was plotted, its origin as well as the intention of not forgetting to mention the cinematic construction. It, however, had a bit of similarity in that they showcased how decisions have the capacity to affect both decision makers as well as others even without being aware of their implication. They also portrayed different characters fond of manipulating each other. While analyzing Crash, one can tell how the story is well demonstrated making it hard for the characters to even tell. Eventually, this, later on, ends up on a Crash; many come to terms with how their behavior contributed to the situation or rather affected the rest of society. This was still the case with Run Lola Run when T.S Eliot learned how people came to understand a given situation when given an opportunity to go through the same experience. On the other hand, even after Lola reunited with the guard at the bank in the ambulance, little was she aware of how this was going to turn out owing to their past experience. Lola finally ran away thus leading to a crash. The methods applied in the two pieces differed greatly. While gauging Run Lola Run, several themes were applied but weren’t the case with Crash owing to the straightforward kind of approach applied. It also appealed to the mainstream appeal and even awarded. One of the main lessons learned from the two films was that our actions were likely to affect the rest of the society either positively or negatively. This is because everyone is part and parcel of the big picture. Lastly, the audience’s thinking is challenged as they are tasked with the role of projecting the ending to the film. As the plot of the film nears its ends, the viewers try to develop and come up with the different ways in which the film might end. Some might go for the happy ending where Lola gets the money and saves Manni while others might opt for the other option where Manni fails to raise the money and dies at the hands of the mobster. However, none of these endings come true as the plot takes a different turn of events and the possibilities are all unanticipated in that both Lola and Manni end up losing their lives. Thus, prescribed text challenge the audience’s thinking by challenging them to create an ending to the film and takes a total turn around; an example of a film that takes the same unexpected turn of events such as Run. Lola run is Identity. In the film Identity, the audience is challenged to predict an ending to the film only to be shocked by the turn of events which was unexpected.
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