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The impact of production strategies on profitability of an organisation

The stiff competition and entry of other players into the industry following government regulations ...

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The Evolution of Stability in a Stochastic Predator-Prey System

This master's thesis aim to see if fluctuations in the environment can make a stable predator-prey system naturally evolve into an unstable system. In the paper “Prey adaptation as a cause of predator-prey cycles” (Evolution, 1997), Abrams and Matsuda uses numerical methods to investigate the stabil...

47 Page(s) / 12925 words USD 470.00

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Examination of mycorrhizal associations of Allanblackia stuhlmannii : a tree under current domestication

Allanblackia is a tree genus native to humid forests in West, Central and East Africa. Its fruits contain large seeds from which edible high-quality fat can be extracted. In order to create a sustainable supply chain of Allanblackia seeds, a domestication program has been initiated with the purpose...

50 Page(s) / 13750 words USD 500.00

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Investigation of a landfill leachate treatment plant in southern Sweden

Dissolved ammonia is often referred to as one of the major contaminants in landfill leachates. Discharge concentration limits for municipal wastewater treatment plants in Sweden have been tightened in order to meet higher water quality standards. Because of REVAQ, a certification system tailored to...

50 Page(s) / 13750 words USD 500.00

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Emotions at play : gaining emotional knowledge using a video game

The use of video games for teaching children different subjects is commonly believed to be a good approach. In general has learning theme for these games focused on traditionally subject, such as math or biology. Important as they can be for education, other softer aspects can also be con...

50 Page(s) / 13750 words USD 500.00

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Studies of expression and analysis of recombinant Arabidopsis myrosinases in Pichia pastoris

Myrosinases (thioglucoside glucohydrolase, EC are present in Brassicales plants. This enzyme can hydrolyze glucosinolates into various products of some which are toxic against pathogens and insects, thus serving as an important defense mechanism. Many vegetables and oil crops contain the ...

35 Page(s) / 9625 words USD 350.00

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Two techniques for investigation of proteins and short-chain fatty acids of Lactobacillus plantarum in presence of galactooligosaccharides

Popular science summary: This thesis is a starting point of a bigger project, aimed to develop synbiotic food supplements. The role of probiotics and prebiotics in human health is getting increasingly recognised as offering beneficial impact to the host. WHO defines probiotics as “live microorganism...

19 Page(s) / 5225 words USD 190.00

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Att vara statsminister är mest naturligt för män - Ungdomars attityder till genussystemet och dess orsaker

This thesis examines youth attitudes toward the gender-system and the believed causes of gender roles: biology or social factors. The study has been designed as a survey conducted among 116 Swedish 9th graders, where the students had to classify weather stereotype roles and tasks are more natural fo...

40 Page(s) / 11000 words USD 400.00

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Ro52 : Structure and interactions of constructs of RING and B-box

The ubiquitination process is vital to maintain the protein homeostasis in the cell. With high specificity it regulates degradation of proteins by tagging them with a small protein called ubiquitin. Four proteins are involved to perform the process and in this thesis one of these proteins is studied...

50 Page(s) / 13750 words USD 500.00

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Chlorella oxygen pavilion concept and the symbiosis in design

Symbiosis is an interdependent lifestyle of two or more species. Both of the species enjoys the advantages of this co-op living. Could we use this efficient movement of the biology in a bigger scale from the perspective of design? Can we combine the innovations of the biotechnology with design? In ...

48 Page(s) / 13200 words USD 480.00

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Differentiation of dispersive traits under a fluctuating range distribution in Asellus aquaticus

Knowledge about dispersion is of utmost importance for understanding populations’ reaction to changes in the environment. Expansion of a population range brings with it both spatial sorting and over time, spatial selection. This means that dispersion rates increases over time at the expanding edge. ...

19 Page(s) / 5225 words USD 190.00

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