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The impact of production strategies on profitability of an organisation

The stiff competition and entry of other players into the industry following government regulations ...

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The Dung Beetle Dance: The role of visual cues in dung beetle orientation behavior

Popular science summary: The Dance of A Straight Shooter When a hungry dung beetle finds a dung pile, it soon starts forming a ball, which it will later roll away and eat in peace. As beetles are not very keen on making balls themselves, they will try to steal the balls of others. In order for a be...

15 Page(s) / 4125 words USD 150.00

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A database to store and annotate Stem cell gEnetic Abnormalities

Human pluripotent stem cells (hPSC) are important in medicine due to several of their distinctive features. However, genomic abnormalities are observed in PSC, which arise either during cell culture or during the process of cell reprogramming. These genomic abnormalities are a serious concern for t...

50 Page(s) / 13750 words USD 500.00

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In Vitro Studies on the Uptake of Ion-X-Gel Precursor and SPIO by Various Cell Types

Contrast agents for MRI can greatly improve the contrast in the image, making it easier to pinpoint the position of, for example, inflamed tissues or tumors. There is a need for novel contrast agents with better spatial resolution, higher sensitivity, fewer false positives and lower toxicity. As for...

43 Page(s) / 11825 words USD 430.00

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Computational Simulations of Evolutionary Dynamics: The Fate of Deleterious Alleles

When a severe deleterious mutation appears in a population, it is expected to disappear through negative selection within a few generations. However, the variance of this number is significantly large to allow some deleterious mutations to exist for several generations. To extend the understanding a...

40 Page(s) / 11000 words USD 400.00

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A Biological And Psychological Profile of Eudaimonia as High Psychological Well-Being

Aristotle (4th century B.C.E/1925) described eudaimonia as “the good life”, and is today commonly understood as eudaimonic well-being (EWB) within research. Despite the long history, the definitions and operationalizations of EWB are diverse and no coherent description or explanation for the biology...

50 Page(s) / 13750 words USD 500.00

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Functional diversity of evertebrates in different types of beech forest in southern Sweden

Deforestation, fragmentation and loss of biodiversity, all are elements that are common today. With this project I want to evaluate if there is a difference in functional diversity of evertebrates between beech stands of low herb and shrub type beech forest. I also want to test if there is a differ...

20 Page(s) / 5500 words USD 200.00

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The main aim of the project is to develop an algorithm which will classify the activity performed by a human who is carrying a smart phone. The day to day life made humans very busy at work and during daily activities, mostly elderly people who are at home have an important need to monitor their act...

44 Page(s) / 12100 words USD 440.00

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Metamodeling for ultra-fast parameter estimation : Theory and evaluation of use in real-time diagnosis of diffuse liver disease

Diffuse liver disease is a growing problem and a major cause of death worldwide. In the final stages the treatment often involves liver resection or transplant and in deciding what course of action is to be taken it is crucial to have a correct assessment of the function of the liver. The current “g...

50 Page(s) / 13750 words USD 500.00

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Jätteuttrar och deras beteende när de tilldelas musslor i hägn

The giant otter (Pteronura brasiliensis) is listed as an endangered species and scientific litterature concerning its biology and behaviour is scarce. The current study observed a group of three giant otters in a Swedish zoo. First the otters normal behaviour was recorded. Then the aim of the study ...

20 Page(s) / 5500 words USD 200.00

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Effects of Varying Sludge Quality on the Permeability of a Membrane Bioreactor

This master thesis firstly includes a theory part describing, the conventional municipal wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) and especially the conventional activated sludge (CAS) process. As Stockholm municipality want to retrofit the current activated sludge system at Henriksdal into a membrane bior...

50 Page(s) / 13750 words USD 500.00

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