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The impact of production strategies on profitability of an organisation

The stiff competition and entry of other players into the industry following government regulations ...

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The Evolution of Stability in a Stochastic Predator-Prey System

This master's thesis aim to see if fluctuations in the environment can make a stable predator-prey system naturally evolve into an unstable system. In the paper “Prey adaptation as a cause of predator-prey cycles” (Evolution, 1997), Abrams and Matsuda uses numerical methods to investigate the stabil...

47 Page(s) / 12925 words USD 470.00

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Examination of mycorrhizal associations of Allanblackia stuhlmannii : a tree under current domestication

Allanblackia is a tree genus native to humid forests in West, Central and East Africa. Its fruits contain large seeds from which edible high-quality fat can be extracted. In order to create a sustainable supply chain of Allanblackia seeds, a domestication program has been initiated with the purpose...

50 Page(s) / 13750 words USD 500.00

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Distributed clustering algorithm for large scale clustering problems

Clustering is a task which has got much attention in data mining. The task of finding subsets of objects sharing some sort of common attributes is applied in various fields such as biology, medicine, business and computer science. A document search engine for instance, takes advantage of the informa...

50 Page(s) / 13750 words USD 500.00

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Analysis of Map3k-dependent molecular mechanisms regulating signaling in iNKT and B cells

Our immune system consists of two types of lymphocytes; B lymphocytes which produce antibodies in response to an antigen, and T lymphocytes which differentiate into particular effector T lymphocytes such as a cytotoxic, helper or regulatory T cell in response to an antigen. Type 1 invariant natural ...

50 Page(s) / 13750 words USD 500.00

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Insertion of transmembrane 5-lipoxygenase activating protein (FLAP) into nanodiscs towards structure function studies of complex formation with soluble proteins

Leukotrienes are specialized lipid molecules derived from arachidonic acid that have severe pathological roles in inflammatory diseases like asthma, allergy and in the formation of cardiovascular diseases. Since these diseases can be fatal if not treated, it is significant to study leukotriene produ...

40 Page(s) / 11000 words USD 400.00

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Variations and correlations among climatic and environmental variables in Australia using GIS and remote sensing

This study was performed because of the potential vulnerability to climate change of the Australian continent. For example, global warming may increase the frequency and severity of drought [McAlpine, C.A., Syktus, J., Ryan, J.G., Deo, R.C., McKeon, G.M., McGowan, H.A. & Phinn, S.R., 2009: A contine...

50 Page(s) / 13750 words USD 500.00

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Dynamics of Mitochondria and Actin Cytoskeleton Interactions in Budding Yeast.

In the budding yeast, S. cerevisiae, mitochondrial distribution involves movements of the organelle from the mother cell to the bud (anterograde movement) and from the bud to the mother (retrograde movement). Both types of movements require actin cables, dynamic bundles of F-actin filaments, which ...

28 Page(s) / 7700 words USD 280.00

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Long-term effects of organic and mineral fertilizer application on physical soil properties and maize yield in western Kenya

To evaluate the effects of long-term application of organic and mineral fertilizers on maize yield and soil properties and further to investigate differences in soil fertility gradients, the Tropical Soil Biology and Fertility Institute of the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture (TSBF-CIAT...

50 Page(s) / 13750 words USD 500.00

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Towards a dermal papilla specific expression system in mice

Stem cells hold great promise for regenerative medicine. In order to realize the potential of stem cell-based therapies, it is highly required to understand the basic mechanisms of stem cell regulation and transform such knowledge into medical applications. However, understanding stem cell regulatio...

33 Page(s) / 9075 words USD 330.00

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A One-Dimensional Model For Neuronal Growth

A mathematical model for neuronal growth is presented, describing the process of axonal elongation. The main construction material is a protein called tubulin, which is produced in the soma (core body of the cell), and transported inside the axon to a structure known as the growth cone on its tip, w...

50 Page(s) / 13750 words USD 500.00

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