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The impact of production strategies on profitability of an organisation

The stiff competition and entry of other players into the industry following government regulations ...

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The Evolution of Stability in a Stochastic Predator-Prey System

This master's thesis aim to see if uctuations in the environment can make a stable predator-prey system naturally evolve into an unstable system. In [1], Abrams and Matsuda uses numerical methods to investigate the stability properties of a predator-prey system and looks at the eect that the un...

47 Page(s) / 12925 words USD 470.00

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Examination of mycorrhizal associations of Allanblackia stuhlmannii : a tree under current domestication

Allanblackia is a tree genus native to humid forests in West, Central and East Africa. Its fruits contain large seeds from which edible high-quality fat can be extracted. In order to create a sustainable supply chain of Allanblackia seeds, a domestication program has been initiated with the purpose ...

50 Page(s) / 13750 words USD 500.00

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Distributed clustering algorithm for large scale clustering problems

Clustering is a task which has got much attention in data mining. The task of finding subsets of objects sharing some sort of common attributes is applied in various fields such as biology, medicine, business and computer science. A document search engine for instance, takes advantage of the informa...

50 Page(s) / 13750 words USD 500.00

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Analysis of Map3k-dependent molecular mechanisms regulating signaling in iNKT and B cells

Our immune system consists of two types of lymphocytes; B lymphocytes which produce antibodies in response to an antigen, and T lymphocytes which differentiate into particular effector T lymphocytes such as a cytotoxic, helper or regulatory T cell in response to an antigen. Type 1 invariant natural ...

50 Page(s) / 13750 words USD 500.00

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Studie av tarmflorans sammansättning och årstidsvariation i grovtarmen hos travhästar med grovfoderdiet

Syftet med projektet var att undersöka årstids- och den individuella variationen av normala tarmfloran hos travhästar utfodrade med en grovfoderdiet. Hästar är grovtarmsjäsare med ett komplex mikrobiellt ekosystem anpassat för betning av foder med högt fiberinnehåll och lågt energiinnehåll. För att ...

32 Page(s) / 8800 words USD 320.00

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Insertion of transmembrane 5-lipoxygenase activating protein (FLAP) into nanodiscs towards structure function studies of complex formation with soluble proteins

Leukotrienes are specialized lipid molecules derived from arachidonic acid that have severe pathological roles in inflammatory diseases like asthma, allergy and in the formation of cardiovascular diseases. Since these diseases can be fatal if not treated, it is significant to study leukotriene produ...

40 Page(s) / 11000 words USD 400.00

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Evaluation of modeling ecosystem seasonality in the University of Victoria Earth System Climate Model

Investigating climate model ability to simulate ecosystem seasonality, for instance causes and dynamics of phytoplankton blooms in the North Atlantic, is of major importance, because interannual and seasonal variations in bloom timing, duration and intensity caused by anthropogenic induced global cl...

50 Page(s) / 13750 words USD 500.00

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Improving the Modeling Framework for DCE-MRI Data in Hepatic Function Evaluation

Mathematical modeling combined with prior knowledge of the pharmacokinetics of the liver specific contrast agent Gd-EOB-DTPA has the potential to extract more information from Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (DCE-MRI) data than previously possible. The ultimate goal of that wor...

50 Page(s) / 13750 words USD 500.00

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Development of PCR primers for community studies of bacterial hydrogenases in environmental samples

Soil microorganisms interact with plants in ways that affect nutrient availability, hormonal regulation and often lead to improved plant growth. In the N2-fixing root nodule symbiosis between legume plants and bacteria generally called rhizobia the plant gains access to atmospheric nitrogen. In that...

22 Page(s) / 6050 words USD 220.00

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The Polyamine Analogues PG11144 and PG11047 Inhibit Cell Proliferation and Decrease the Malignancy in LNCap-FGC Prostate Cancer Cells in Normoxia and Hypoxia

One of many new targets when looking for anti-cancer treatment is the polyamine pathway, which is essential in cell proliferation, gene regulation and cell death. A way to intervene with this pathway is to use compounds called polyamine analogues. Depletion in the intracellular polyamine pools resul...

21 Page(s) / 5775 words USD 210.00

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